Fitness Training

If getting fit isn’t enjoyable, you won’t stick with it. Discover new activities to energise, invigorate and follow our experts guidance on getting fit and staying healthy.

Gym Membership

Thanyapura offers a variety of memberships allowing guests to choose one which suits their personal training preferences.

Group Classes

Choose from our wide range of group fitness classes including spinning, dance, boot camp, core and Pilates.


Thanyapura’s group fitness classes hosts more than 80 group fitness classes a week, from Boot Camp and Spinning to Yoga and Dance, as well as Muay Thai training in our outdoor martial arts gym and ring, all led by our expert professional coaches and personal trainers. Fitness Classes are free for all members and for resort guests.

Thanyapura’s professional trainers can help you create a fitness plan tailored to your personal goals, whether you are looking to improve your health, lose weight, gain strength or train for special events while ensuring proper technique and professional supervision to prevent training injuries.

  • 900 square-metre purpose-built gym
  • Over 80 group fitness classes a week
  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Fat Burn Programs




Our expert team of experienced coaches bring a different set of unique skills and specialties to our training & fitness group sessions.

You can join our group classes or request some one-on-one time with any of our coaches – we’re setup perfectly to support you whatever level you’re at.


There will be no fitness classes operated as per the details below:
28-30 November 2018: No Core Class
4, 11 and 25 December 2018: Pound Fit Class will be replaced by Abs Stretching Class
15 December 2018: HIIT Burst Class during 03.00 – 03.30pm is CANCELLED
15 December 2018: Abs Tabata Class during 04.00 – 04.30pm is CANCELLED
15 December 2018: Boot Camp Class during 05.00 – 06.00pm is CANCELLED
17 December 2018: Step Toning Class will be replaced by Booty Boot Camp
25 December 2018: Pound Fit Class will be replaced by Abs&Stretching
25 December 2018 – 1 January 2019: No Core Class

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