Cycling Computrainers

The CompuTrainer looks similar to most wind/turbo trainers, but has key extras which enable important cycling specific data to be measured.

First, it generates load (wattage) which enables the measurement of power. This can be adjusted via a control panel to give specific power based workouts. Secondly, it connects to a computer which enables heart rate, pace, speed and power (watts) to be simultaneously measured.


How we use computrainers

Our Sports Science department will be using the computrainers for a range of physiological tests designed to accurately measure your current cycling performance.

The data generated by the computrainers will be analyzed by our in house sports scientist and given to you in a personalized written report. Here you can see where your current performance levels really lie and what specific improvements need to be made.

Why we are excited to have them?

Computrainers are widely viewed from a cycling standpoint as the best training device available. They are the official bike trainer of USA triathlon for over 10 years and used by elite triathletes including Tim Don, Andy Potts and Jodie Stimpson.

We are lucky to have 8 computrainers here at Thanyapura and are excited to offer both group and individual testing in our new sports science lab.

<b>Duration:</b> 55 Minutes/85 Minutes <br>
<b>Price:</b> THB 1,750/2,45O

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